Do You Need a Permit For a Film Location Rental in Los Angeles?

film location rental in Los Angeles

When you're filming in LA, the issue of securing permits comes into play in many instances. However, if you're planning on opting for a film location rental in Los Angeles like a warehouse or any other private or rented space, this does not apply to you. Generally, you will only need a permit to film in a public space like a city street or park. Instead of going through all of the process of applying for permits, all you have to do is go through the process of renting the private film location.

Requirements and Restrictions tied to LA Film Location Rentals

It depends on the location. You might want to consider getting insurance. This will cover any incidental damage to the property during filming. You may also need to bring your own lighting equipment if the space does not have enough lighting for your needs. Always talk to the provider about what is and isn't covered.

Renting Warehouse Space for Filming

They are great for filming scenes that need a lot of space, like an open commercial or fight scene. Filmmakers know that warehouses, much like soundstages, can be very versatile in this regard. They can also be used to create a specific atmosphere or setting, such as a post-apocalyptic wasteland or a futuristic city. Warehouse space for filming needs to have an adequate amount of square footage that the filming action is going to call for. But what's best about that is the layout is also flexible. It can be easily reconfigured to fit the needs of your film production. It can be helpful to help you create a specific atmosphere or setting with the space it allows.

The Cost of Renting a Warehouse 

Further, the cost of renting warehouse space is typically low. It is lower than renting a studio. It can help you save money on your production costs. And since it is located in a convenient location, it can make it easier for your cast and crew to get to and from the set. 

Some major motion pictures have made use of warehouses as filming locations. Here are some examples: 

These are just a few examples of the many movies that have used warehouses as filming locations. What’s great about using a warehouse space to film scenes for your movie is that you will not need a special permit. You just have to book the space for the said event. 

What is the Duration for Which You Can Rent a Warehouse Space? 

The property owner or manager typically sets the rental duration policies. Some owners may be flexible and allow you to rent the space for a few hours, a full day, or even longer periods. It really depends on the availability and willingness of the owner. 

The complexity of the film must also be considered. Some scenes may require more time for setup, multiple takes, or intricate setups. Others may be relatively straightforward. 

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Lengthier Rental Period 

Honeypot LA can be an excellent film location rental in Downtown LA-- we accommodate big space for lengthier rental periods. This is ideal if you need more time to film your project. Contact us to know more about our rental space and how we can fit into your planned production.