Choosing the right shooting location studio, for your next production shoot, is a critical decision in the undertaking of any creative project.   It is important to capture the exact character that you are seeking to express and captivate your audience with - Here is where we come in.  Many small to large scale production companies and digital media companies choose to shoot talk shows, web and tv commercials, web series, product and automobile video and photography - just to name a few.

Our thirty foot ceilings, unobstructed floor plan, expansive natural light, and dramatic composition all form a setting that is admired by established and emerging photographers, cinematographers, producers and directors alike. Whether you are looking for that perfect warehouse backdrop or a plug and play ready stage, you've joined countless others by discovering Honeypot. Our unique studio warehouse space can be artistically reimagined in a limitless number of ways, providing everything you’ll need to capture that perfect shot. Nike, Adidas, Hulu, LiveNation, Peacock TV, Complex News, MLB Fox Sports, Comedy Central, Intuit, Facebook and more.

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Honeypot's studio rental is equipped to handle large film and photography production crews requiring sufficient space, adequate facilities, utilities and heavy electric power. Along with a sizable shooting stage, our foot print accommodates a production office, craft services and storage for all gear and props from their various set departments. In addition, a talent lounge area for hair, make up and wardrobe. We accommodate lengthier rental periods for those more in depth film or photography production projects. Providing you and your team full exclusivity to our space to grow your creativity into reality from development, production and distribution.